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The First "Gold Medal Person of ACHR" Commendation Meeting
You are the reader Date of publication:2016-06-03 

On June 3, 2016, ACHR grandly held the first "Gold Medal Person of ACHR" Commendation Meeting, there are total of 29 employees won the title of “Gold Medal Person of ACHR”.

      At the meeting, the chairman and manager Huang awarded them honorary certificates and solid gold medals, Ye Fan and Rao Dayuan made speeches. The Award Ceremony was designed to reward the old employees who have been silently paying for the development of the company and was the highest honorary award awarded to employees by the company. It is also to enable more employees to emerge actively and contribute to self-realization on the stage of ACHR. The employees present also expressed their determination that they will work harder in the future and strive to obtain such rewards for the next time.

      From this year onwards, the company will hold an award ceremony every year for Gold Medal Person of ACHR, each of whom will receive the reward, and the company will personally customize a solid gold medal for them. This gold medal will be manufactured by the People’s Bank of China, it was built with a purity of 99.99%, and each gold medal is marked with a separate number, which represents the order that they enter into the company.

      The list of the first "Gold Medal Person of ACHR":

      Xue Zhaojiang  Huang Guoyao  Rao Dayuan  Chen Shiping  Li Yong  Zhong Jiaquan  Zhang Xingdong  Zhang Jinfang  Li Hongfa  Wang Jianhe  Jiang Rong  Pan Xibo  Liu Changlong  Ye Lijun  Lin Yunbo  Zhang Lingying  Lian Qinghuang  Ye Fan  Wang Xiaowei  Xu Mingdi  Dong Xinhua  Zhang Dagang  Bao Yongle  Cao Guanglian  Li Xiaohu  Zhou Hui  Jin Yifan  Xie Shangwei  He Jianhong

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