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Huirun launched MES "Smart Era" starting
You are the reader Date of publication:2017-11-15 

At 15:00 PM on November 10, 2017, ACHR held the launch ceremony of the MES smart manufacturing project. ACHR chairman Xue Zhaojiang with senior executives of the company, members of the project team and Cao Qimeng, director of the Information Promotion Department of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Jin Jianfeng, Deputy Director of Economic Development Bureau of Zhejiang South Industrial Development Zone, China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Branch and the senior executives of Suzhou League Software Technology Co., Ltd. jointly participated in this launching ceremony.

      This launching ceremony marked the opening the "intellectual creation era" of ACHR, it will enter a new era. Informatization is the important supporting means for the South Zhejiang Industrial Agglomeration Zone (Development Zone) to persist in this year as a means of accelerating the transformation of the economic development mode. Adhering to the “two integrations and smart manufacturing” is the main direction and the only way for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in the region. "Enterprise Cloud" is one of the specific actions of "two integrations and smart manufacturing ". This is also the company's further promotion of the development about "Enterprise Cloud" in South Zhejiang Industrial Cluster District (Development Zone).

At present, the company actively responds to the government's call for integration, actively promotes the informatization construction of the production process, and strives to create an intelligent model factory that integrates automation and informatization within the auto parts industry.

Now ACHR has introduced a production information MES management system that can shorten the product manufacturing cycle, improve the inventory turnover rate, and reduce the product quality traceability time, to further realize the information management goal of intelligent manufacturing. We hope to establish an MES manufacturing execution system on the basis of lean management and automation applications, so as to achieve a number of applications such as logistics barcode management, workshop data collection, real-time monitoring, product traceability, and system integration, thus make the workshop transparent management and ultimately achieve the improvement of product quality, production efficiency and per capita yield.

      With the rapid growth of the company's business and the transformation upgrading of China's manufacturing of 2025 traditional industries, ACHR invested more than 50 million RMB in the automation equipment and robot transformation in 2016-2017. In recent years, the company's annual sales have maintained growth rate of 30%, and the development momentum is good. ACHR planned to achieve a sales target of 1 billion RMB by 2020.

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