Some insights into the revelation of the characters of the Three Kingdoms
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The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of China's four major classics. The climax of the story is repeated and the characters are in stark contrast. Especially the well-known figures in the inside, the inspiration for later generations far exceeds the understanding of this book.

1. Zhuge Liang, to be bent on work and exert himself to the utmost, never stops until he dies. Having superb intelligence is the highest wisdom in this book. Things must be personally, alive is exhausted, just over 50 years old. Admonish future generations: To learn how to combine work and rest, you must not complete the mission and dream at the expense of health.

2. Guan Yu, intended to lose Jingzhou. He thought of Liu Bei while being imprisoned in Cao Cao's barrack who is a representative of loyalism. However, he vainly gave up his head and died without full corpses. Admonish future generations:
Don't do harm to others, but aware of being harmed by others. Loyalty should have, but we must also learn to protect ourselves.

3. Liu Bei, knowing people use. Three visits to Mausoleum, all military power to Zhuge Liang. However, lose Jingzhou, revenge for his brother but had died in the battlefield. Implications for later generations: It's yours and will be yours, it is not yours and do not be strong demand or you will pay a heavy price.

4. Zhang Fei, the most reckless one of taking Oath in the Peach Garden. Lifelong follow Liu Bei, can be regarded as loyal, but bad-tempered, opponents hit the underling, the results died in the left and right defenders. Implications for future generations: temper determines the fate of a person, good tempers like fish, bad tempers difficult.

5. Cao Cao, hold the emperor to make the princes, a generation of heroes. I'd betray the all the people rather than letting them betray me. Suspected were heavy and eventually killed him. Admonish future generations: suspects do not use, do not doubt. Believe in others, you will have unexpected and wonderful life!

6. Zhou Yu, the second or third highest IQ person in the novel. There is Zhou Yu in the word why has Zhuge Liang in the world too, live mad death. Implications for future generations: Do not blindly compare and lose yourself. To learn to deal with peace of mind, stupid birds fly first, and one day, will surpass others.

7. Lv Bu, the famous master of martial arts. He died in the hands of Cao Cao and died early in the year. Admonishing descendants: Don’t relying on the others and the main thing is to rely on oneself!

8. Ma Su, Zhuge Liang's proud apprentice. Indulge in empty talking, and Zhu Geliang cut him with tears. Enlightenment for future generations: Reading a thousand volumes of books is not as good as walking a thousand miles. Learn to use them, or you will eventually be eliminated.

There are too many characters in the novel, and the inspiration for people is endless! Love to see the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and love the characters in it.

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