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    What is youth? Youth represent of young and is the most memorable memory in life. With a short period of youth, the most energetic and energetic age, and endless blood flow that always want to compete with the sun and the moon, to be as high as the heavens, and to write the lineages with impulsiveness and courage.

——Mr. San Mao once wrote in the book “Life, Little Prince, summer solstice not arrived”: “If you give me the same thing you give to others, then I will not.” This shows that everyone’s youth is not the same, it is unique. Shakespeare once said: “The feature of youth is to betray oneself at every turn, even if there is no temptation next to it.” This also shows the impulse and rebellion of youth. Tagore, a world-renowned writer, mentioned in the “Selection of Tagore”: “Life is like the splendor of summer flowers, and death is like the beauty of autumn leaves.” Explains that youth is like flowers, blooming, but it is a moment, telling us to take advantage of youth. The famous Tang Dynasty poet, Meng Jiao, once wrote a poem: “Everything has to be far, he has to be free, youth must be early, and you can’t always be young.” His express just like “It will be too late to bewail the time wasted in one's youth”

    Youth is colorful, there are joy and sadness, there are plain and wonderful, but it is tenacious. Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei became sworn brothers in Peach Garden, which has laid a youthful legend of an era; Generation formidable man Cao Cao in old age can also deduce the “An old horse in the stable still aspires to gallop a thousand miles; A hero in his late years does not give up his lofty aspirations.” Such ambitions. Lei Feng used his young life to create an eternal and helpful spirit; Beethoven used his youth to paint his own grief and accomplished the world classic “Symphony of Destiny”. Their lives are limited, but their attitude towards youth is eternal. Their youth affects generations and generations of their descendants.

- How many people's voices were sang in the most popular song "Where did the time go?" How many people's youth and dreams are awakened? How many episodes of "The Youth", "The Years" and "The Little Times" show people regret the passing of love and their dedication and longing for youth?

    Some people say that youth is eternal. Others say that youth is short-lived. In fact, youth is an eternal memory, a short time. Youth is an exquisite chapter that the thoughts to be depicted, it is also a spiritual yearning.

- Youth will not expire, it is an eternal topic. It will never fade and will not end with the closing of an era.

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