Just fight in the young
You are the reader Date of publication:2017-09-04 

    Just want to take some time out in the busy hour and write an inspirational article. Just as boring life needs to be pleasing by adding comforting events, the pale oil paintings are pigmented to bring them to life.

The friend, who had not met for many years, gave me a brand-new look when w. This is not the same as the day before every other day. His kind of majestic momentum, comfortable conversation and wide open eyes really made me admire the five-body cast. It was just a god-given change to him! I was amazed to ask how he did it, and it feels like the beard of cat curious mouse makes me wonder. He said many twists and turns as if I had never grown up." just fight in the young" stands out from his mouth, and my mind is opened up as if the rivers were in the sea. There has also been a similar empathy, igniting the flames of the inner group with passion.

Such things are not uncommon, even daily news has related reports, and even around the side can see the inspirational events. Obviously knowing how others have stepped up to inaccessible places and I do not seem to feel any pressure. I suppose that I am probably too comfortable and I have forgotten the time, place, and even the world of one-second mutation. Confucius said:  Every day I examine myself on three counts. Since I met my old friend, I have been trying to change the stereotyped ideas that have been confined to my own. The bold new ideas have always been in my mind, and I want to incorporate new knowledge to increase my knowledge. I also want to be generous and know everything.

With the development of society and the changes of the times, I noticed that the children now get up early and start to wash and eat their breakfasts, go to school, in order to learn more skills for themselves, attend various cram schools, and even fully attend in the summer and winter vacations. In my eyes, these younger generations are even more hard work than we are. We have no other reason to make ourselves free. I treat these children with a feeling of comfort and humbled. I also discovered the old grandmother sell vegetables with pleasure, no matter rain or wind. Their spirit of optimism and self-reliance infects me like I am telling myself that I can no longer live my life as I once did. Should be more confident, optimistic, and go up with difficult, at the most precious age should strive hard.

In this fast-developing society, everyone is unique, but this society is a "big group," polarization is too serious, and the implementation of the "superior success of the inferior system" means that every person who does not make progress will have may be eliminated. We can no longer believe that we can always choose to be as comfortable as we used to be. It is time to change our thinking and let ourselves be able to integrate with the world. Even if it is little touched, it will not lose the competition awfully. We don't have to tie our hair on the house beam and jab our side with an awl to keep ourselves awake (Take Great Pains with One's Study) like the ancients, and we don't need to sleep on brushwood and taste gall as Goujian. It's even less likely that like Hanxin will be humiliated. What we need is only to understand our own deficiencies, to enrich our areas of work, to do well our own jobs, and sometimes crisis events can be easily and skillfully resolved. Rather than sit back and wait, we can improve ourselves. However, some people think that why not change to a relaxed job rather than hard work. In fact, this is just an excuse for their weakness and incompetence! When the new crisis comes, is it like a deserter as before? Some people think that working hard is so difficult and we can just not go to work. Do not think that you do not want to fight when you leave the company. You still have to fight if you leave the company, and you may not fight as easily as you do when you work. Once you leave the factory, you have no safe harbor. Whatever you do, you must do it yourself, and you must be thorough in all fields, risks, and other factors. Not everyone is wealthy and it is not possible that all of them have everything. Enjoy a carefree life and live an idyllic life like Tao Yuanming. You do not fight, others will fight. What's more, rich people are more than you in terms of money, opportunities, connections, and resources. They even work harder than us. You do not fight, and others cannot save you. Therefore, when you wake up and realize the reality, the society is a very good university. The people who work hard are excellent students. The society will give you a good treatment. On the contrary, people who are not enterprising are poor students, and the society will give them punishment.

Now that Chinese society is growing up as if pulling up the seedlings to help them grow, most of the emptiness is lack of nutrition and moisture. We as a group should irrigate it and make it even better. Only by better changing ourselves, brainstorming and innovating can we survive in this increasingly fierce society. Just as society and people complements each other.

We have to fight. Young people have to fight. While still young, we struggle a place in the world. Then in our own neutral years, live the life we want.

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