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    Along the coast of Zhejiang Province, it rains all year round. I stayed here almost four years and the most impressive thing is that it rained.

    It is a contemplative phenomenon that it rains. As if at this time, the world began to quiet up. With the sound of rain and the bubble bursting from the ground, the rain drifted into the house, hair, and body with the wind. The weather was dark and the temperature began to drop rapidly. The distance was shrouded in mist of air, and it was foggy, and even the mountains could not see clearly. The stones in the mountains are evaporated in the water and instantly become the white shape of the mushroom cloud. The dark clouds drifted freely in the air and seemed to be looking for a place to stay, but they were still moving forward. I do not know who planted the fence, is experiencing the test of wind and rain. Maybe after the rain is over, it will surely luxuriant and flowering. The weeds on the roadside have already been flooded, but they haven't the phenomenon of death. Instead, because of the soaking of rain, they are more bright and strong!

    The rain is getting bigger and stronger. The ground is flooded with water. Due to the excessive number of asphalt roads in the city, the drainage volume of the sewers is limited. Therefore, when heavy rains come, they will accumulate water. The car was submerged in the water, like a dying cow. It is estimated that the car will be scrapped when there is no water on the ground. I remember last year, after the typhoon crossed the border, heavy rain poured. Overnight, the ground is all water. Individual low cities are even worse. The rain in the Zhejiang is coherent and it is almost a month or two. Here is rich in waxberry, "plum rain" is synonymous here, so waxberry is so huge here, looking at the mouthwatering, and eating it is wonderful. It is raining all year round, the air is moist, special care, and the ancient “Zhejiang beauty is the best”. In the coastal areas, there is a lot of seafood, every supermarket will surely see that it is alive, dry, and packed in a variety of ways.

    The recent years in Zhejiang, I have rarely gone out. If go out, I must bring an umbrella. The crops here are rare, but the surrounding vegetable base is full of vitality. Clearly see the beautiful scenery of cucumber flowers sticking to the delicate small melons. Look far ahead at the bright red peppers shining in the sun. Look at the Bose vegetables neatly arranged on the ground like the army... With plenty of rain, the warm weather is a hotbed of vegetables and a good environment for growth! The vegetables are full of vitality and fruitful results. If you encounter caterpillars, they must be fat!

    From afar, you can see the beautiful scenery of Da Luo Mountain, and the plants are full of mountains and plains. Like a neoprene surrounded by greenery, it floats to the end of the sky. Stay there like in a cool natural bathroom. The waterfall cascades down from the top of the mountain and flows into the distance. The splash of white water and the vegetation on surrounding stone complement each other, as if they really come out of the painting. Every stone step has green moss, which makes it lovely and people can't bear to step on it. Unknown wildflowers can be seen everywhere, like the naughty children show cute smiles. A piece of bamboo forest blocking the mountain road into a labyrinth, traveling through it, staying out of the world, isolated from the world, it feels so good! The waxberry trees in the mountains, waxberries are very huge, and they are like jewel hanging on the tree and attractive. I haven’t eaten and begin to have a memory. The reservoir is connected like a patio in the middle of the mountain, surrounded by mountains in all directions, and mountain reflection on the water, half of the light half dark. Crystal clear water, fresh and delicious, unmatched, endless life...

    Although it is always raining in Zhejiang, it is not unpleasant. This is probably one side of the water to support a person, rain is the mystery of this place, is a priceless gift of nature gifted to humanity!

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