Congratulations: Xue Zhaojiang won the title of "The Most Beautiful Struggler"

16 September, 2021 09:15:37

December 4,  2019, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers of motor vehicle electrical and electronic Committee was held in Shanghai, "Tribute 70 years, I love China" theme dinner, general manager, director of the Office of the Chairman Yue Jiaqi invited to attend.
At the dinner, Yue Jiaqi manager with all the industry leaders, experts and scholars to discuss business models, innovative ideas and look to the future car life, to understand the technology trends in the automotive industry, challenges and infinite vision.
At this banquet, the "Most Beautiful Struggle" was awarded. The Chairman of ACHR, Mr. Xue Zhaojiang, was awarded the title of "The Most Beautiful Struggle" in China's automotive electronics industry.